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The acclaimed graphic novel about the mysterious, scarred old West bounty hunter has become a film

Posted September 02, 2010 | By Phelim O’Neill

Even if you didn’t know how troubled this adaptation of John Albano’s comic book was, with rumours of countless rewrites and reshoots, it’s obvious something is drastically wrong here even before the opening titles are over. After we are introduced to gruesomely scarred semi-supernatural old west bounty hunter Hex (Brolin, in grisly prosthetics), there is a terrible expositional animated sequence; it’s as if they simply forgot to film some key scenes. Otherwise, it seems like a bad case of lost nerve: Hex is never quite the bad-ass he is in the comics, while the plot attempts some clunky relevance as Hex hunts down a campy villain (Malkovich) who is making an olden-days weapon of mass destruction. It just gets louder and more nonsensical as it progresses, with Fox shoe-horned into as many scenes as possible.

Source | The Guardian

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