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A Quick Request To Help Save “The Dolphin” Pub in Hackney

PLEASE help save ‘The Dolphin Hackney’ pub by signing their petition. They hope to obtain 20,000 signatures by July 23rd. The petition can be found here :

Several scenes in John Maclean’s short film: PITCH BLACK HEIST featuring Michael … Read More

Jane Eyre & Pitch Black Heist showing at Kerry Film Festival 2012, Ireland.

Michael as Edward Rochester

Jane Eyre and Pitch Black Heist are both being shown at the Kerry Film Festival 2012, in Ireland. … Read More

Pitch Black Heist To Have Caribbean Premiere In Trinidad & Tobago

The short Pitch Black Heist is to premiere at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. John Maclean’s first independent short, Man on a Motorcycle, starred Michael Fassbender. This collaboration led to his second short Pitch Black Heist, … Read More

Goldfish & Pitch Black Heist at the London Short Film Festival

Director/Exec. Producer/Writer: Ed Sayers short film Goldfish starring Michael Fassbender, Caroline Carver and 2 fish will make it’s debut January 7, 2012 at the London Short Film Festival!

Ed is also the Founder of Straight 8 and Director at … Read More

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