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“1” – A Thrilling and Heartbreaking Joyride Through Formula 1


1 – A Thrilling and Heartbreaking Joyride Through Formula 1

1 (2013)
Directed by: Paul Crowder
Written by: Mark Monroe
Produced by: Michael Shevloff, Nigel Sinclair
Narrated by: Michael Fassbender

Studios: Flat-Out Films, Diamond Docs, Spitfire Pictures


The film:

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1 Review | London Film Festival 2013

Posted October 20, 2013 | By Ben Winstanley

The brief, discreet instruction given to Jackie Stewart at the conclusion of the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix would be more chilling if it weren’t so typical. ‘Williamson’s dead,’ the winning Scot is … Read More

Michael To Narrate Formula One Documentary

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Michael Fassbender will be lending his voice to narrate Exclusive Media’s car racing documentary 1.

Director Paul Crowder says ” “Michael Fassbender is a brilliant and fearless actor who will bring all the … Read More

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