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NYGossipGirl Exclusive Interview: Michael Fassbender

Posted March 11, 2011 | ByNYGossipGirl

NYGossipGirl recently caught up with X-Men star Michael Fassbender at the New York premiere of his new film Jane Eyre. The 33-year-old actor talked about his role as Rochester and what we can expect from X-Men: First Class.

NYGG – Talk a little about playing Rochester.

Fassbender – You know I like Rochester. I mean he does some questionable things, like locking your wife up in the attic [laughs] and it gives you an idea of what was considered crazy back in those days, but I think he is a good guy. He’s a complicated character.

NYGG – When are you going to play a good guy?

Fassbender – They’re all good [laughs]. There’s good and bad in everyone.

NYGG – What was it like working with Mia [Wasikowska] and Cary [Fukunaga]?

Fassbender – Mia was amazing. She’s brilliant and such a pleasure to work with and Cary is amazing, especially his direction on the film.

NYGG – What was it like filming X-Men? What can we expect?

Fassbender – It was really good. It’s going to come out soon, so I’m excited. It was hard work and it was a long shoot. There was a lot of great people involved and I worked with a really great cast. I have a lot of respect for [director] Matthew Vaughn as well. I’m really interested to see what his take on it is going to be. He’s an intelligent director and hopefully the fans are going to be happy because there’s so many die hard fans that we don’t want to let down.

NYGG – What do you have coming up?

Fassbender – Just X-Men and Jane Eyre. Also, I have Dangerous Method and Shame.

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