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Michael Fassbender: A Classic Character

Posted March 21, 2011 | By iVillage

In Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre, Michael Fassbender brings a new twist to the character of Edward Rochester, a figure who remains as enigmatic and unforgettable as he was in 1847 when Charlotte Brontë’s novel was first published. Indeed Fassbender joins a long line of celebrated actors, including Orson Welles and George C. Scott, who’ve put on Rochester’s riding boots in earlier adaptations. As the master of Thornfield, and Jane’s employer, Rochester is a brusque, brooding, but ultimately good man. In her ElleMagazine profile of Fassbender, Karen Durbin includes the actor’s take on this literary titan: “A Byronic character burnt by experience, arrogant but also eloquent and introspective. He’s world-weary and jaded, sensual, self-destructive; yet there’s a good sense of humor in there, and at the end of the day a good heart. He sees the freshness and beauty in Jane when everybody else looks past her.”

Jane Eyre hits theaters everywhere on April 8.

Source | iVillage

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