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Goldfish & Pitch Black Heist at the London Short Film Festival

Director/Exec. Producer/Writer: Ed Sayers short film Goldfish starring Michael Fassbender, Caroline Carver and 2 fish will make it’s debut January 7, 2012 at the London Short Film Festival!

Ed is also the Founder of Straight 8 and Director at Independent. Please check out his Vimeo page.

The Goldfish Opening Sequence trailer is an MFO exclusive graciously provided by Mr. Sayers!

Goldfish – opening sequence from ed sayers on Vimeo.

Director/Writer: John Maclean’s Pitch Black Heist starring Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham is also set to screen at the London Short Film Festival on January 6, 2012. Executive Producers: Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Conor McCaughan

Liam Cunningham and Michael Fassbender

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