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Gallery Pictures

As fans, we absolutely love new pictures of Michael. We enjoy sharing them with family, friends, fans and the curious bunch.

As admins, we get a lot of pictures from all over the place, including many directly from the photographers. We ask for special permission to post these pictures in MFO’s gallery. Most of the time, getting special permission from a photographer means that the pictures can only be posted on MFO. If you want to post pictures elsewhere, YOU need to contact the photographer for YOUR own site.

With that being said, we noticed that recent pictures that were given to MFO exclusively are being used on other sites. When that happens, photographers can get upset and close their doors on allowing fan sites to use their pictures. It jeopardizes our relationship with not only that photographer, but other possible photographers.

If you find pictures in the gallery that say “exclusive” , we request that you NOT post these pictures online anywhere else, unless YOU get YOUR OWN permission from the photographer. Posting exclusive pictures from MFO or any other site can be grounds for termination of membership and/or access to the gallery.

Exclusive pictures will now have a watermark on them, which we are sad to use because who wants to ruin a gorgeous picture?

If you have any questions, please contact any of the Administrators on the forum.

Thank you.

Thank you for visiting Michael Fassbender Online!

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