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Michael Fassbender Gets The Job Done

Posted October 22, 2013 | By Donna Freydkin

The ‘Counselor’ actor talks awkward sex scenes, grueling press junkets and recent characters

Some actors, at a certain point in their careers, equate attendants with actual achievement. So they surround themselves with … Read More

Michael Fassbender Explains Parallels Between ’12 Years A Slave’ & ‘Wuthering Heights,’ Talks Awards And More

Posted October 18, 2013| By Jen Vineyard

There’s something that Michael Fassbender does in “12 Years a Slave” that reveals the nature of his character, the unstable, probably psychotic plantation owner Edwin Epps, which wasn’t on the page. Every time … Read More

Michael Fassbender Opens Up About ‘12 Years A Slave,’ Religion, and Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender may be the most intense actor around. The German-Irish charmer spoke to Marlow Stern about his acting preparation, religion, and playing a brutal slave owner in 12 Years A Slave.

My first encounter with Michael Fassbender was … Read More

The GQ Cover Story: Michael Fassbender

Listen, America, if you want your leading men to play robots or dudes with superpowers, Michael Fassbender isn’t so Stanislavsky that he’ll roll his pretty Irish eyes at you. But that’s not why he’s the most exciting leading man to … Read More

Finding Humanity in a Slave Owner – Michael Fassbender in “12 Years a Slave”

Posted October 14, 2013 | By Barbara Chai

Michael Fassbender has played real-life figures such as the Irish nationalist Bobby Sands (“Hunger”) and Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (“A Dangerous Method”). But in “12 Years a Slave,” the actor is tasked … Read More

Where are they now? Michael Fassbender Band of Brothers Interview

Many thanks to Ross Owen and Black Sky Radio for organizing these outstanding interviews with the amazing cast members of Band of Brothers. Several of the cast members also participated Jumping For Heroes & event honoring Major Dick Winters at … Read More

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