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An X-tra Special Fassbender Friday # 95


Image by Photographer Robbie Fimmano

Fassbender Friday – In appreciation of Michael’s stellar acting and his amazing fans!

This is an X-tra special Fassbender Friday with the global release of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST this week. We know you will love the film as much as we do!

Extraordinary news… Director Ed Sayers, founder of straight 8 has advised us that he is releasing his short film, goldfish Featuring Michael Fassbender. What a gift! Thank you Ed! Please see more of Ed’s work on his HERE. You will also find Ed on Twitter.

Gold Fish

Click on image to watch goldfish
In celebration of the cinematic release and the outstanding reviews Lenny Abrhamson’s FRANK has been receiving we have some FRANK masks to give away. You will find complete details HERE.

We are also celebrating recently reaching over 20,000 Twitter followers and as of today we have reached over 120,000 LIKES on Facebook! All thanks to you, Michael’s amazing Fans, Fassinators and Friends.

Thank you for visiting Michael Fassbender Online!

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