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Michael has been receiving well deserved accolades along with numerous nominations and awards, we’re sure there is many more to come. Last year was extraordinary and 2012 is shaping up to be quite an amazing year as well for Michael. We benefit by getting to see his brilliant work in cinema!

When the Oscar nominations were recently announced, there was a global uproar by fan and film industry folks alike. The feeling is that Michael and Steve McQueen’s film Shame, along with a few other Oscar worthy performances and films were snubbed. There has been much discussion as to the reasons why the Academy chose to not present such an outstanding performance and film with a nomination. In spite of this decision, we immediately proclaimed that Michael is OUR BEST ACTOR, he is OUR SHINING STAR and many have echoed that sentiment as well. We have no doubt that an Oscar nomination and win is in this remarkable actors future.

We look forward now to the upcoming BAFTA, IFTA and Genie Awards!

Meanwhile Michael has been busy with award ceremonies, magazine cover photo shoots & interviews, attending special screenings and Q&A’s for Shame and a Gala screening of A Dangerous Method in London. Michael even made his first appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and on the Charlie Rose Show. [access show links for video viewing]

Special Screening of Shame and Q&A with Michael Fassbender held at the Hackney Picturehouse.

2012 London Film Critics’ Circle Awards


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