MFO Role: Administrator | Owner

Location: Colorado, USA

Occupation: Self Employed (previously Telecom Engineering), Charity Fundraising Organizer and Volunteer

About: I am passionate about Films, Film Festivals, Photography, Charities, Horses, My Native American/Irish/Scottish Ancestry and Traveling.

When did you become a fan of Michael: Before 300 was released. I saw something very special in Michael in the stills, clips and trailers as well as the film ‘300’ itself. I recognized right off that he was a very talented actor and saw an amazing future ahead for him.

Favorite Role / Film / TV Series of Michael’s: Michael has a remarkable body of work and I am honored to support him and all of his projects.

Hunger holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. While having had an amazing phone conversation with Michael in 2007; the first time I met him in person was during the screening of Hunger at the 2008 Toronto Film Festival. I and 20+ friends of mine were there to support Michael, Director Steve McQueen and this remarkable film.

We gave Michael his ‘Rock Star’ moment and he was grinning from ear to ear! Toronto and the 2008 Los Angeles premiere of Hunger were extraordinary times. I was given the amazing opportunity to have lengthy conversations with Michael and also share mine and MFO’s support. It was then that I knew everything would change and Michael would receive the recognition, accolades and film roles he very much deserved.

Which character of Michael’s would you liken yourself the most to: That is a difficult one. I can relate to several of the characters traits and personalities due to what I have experienced in life.

Additional interests: Barretstown, Holly’s Horse Haven, International Association of Fire Fighters, Lupus Foundation of America, Make it Right, National Relief Charities, Praying Hands Ranch, Roundup River Ranch, Stand Up To Cancer, United Nations

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