Location: Turin, Italy

Occupation: Employee at a Collectibles Store

About: I love cinema, a lot, almost every type of movies excepting horrors and spy stories. I love reading, taking photos (I take my camera with me every time I can), observing people, discovering places I don’t know, even here in my town. I love, love, love Bruce Springsteen, I was at all his last concerts here in Italy and I hope he’ll come back very soon. And, as much as I’m fond of sad movies, I adore laughing .

When did you become a fan of Michael: 2011, Venice Festival

Favourite Role / Film / TV Series of Michael’s: very difficult to choose, but I’d say “Shame” up to now.

Which character of Michael’s would you liken yourself the most to: I don’t know why, but it’s Brandon in Shame (though I’m not a sex addict, I swear!). His desperation shook something inside me and I felt there was a link between him and, I think, all of us, more or less.

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