MFO Role: Moderator

Location:  Wolverhampton, ENGLAND

Occupation: Admin for my husbands decorating business.

About: I’m a married mom of 3 , avid reader , keen cook & amateur baker (especially cupcakes) and movie lover. I am also an eBay addict and love a bargain!

When did you become a fan of Michael: I started my own Michael related website in 2004-2010 after watching him in TV show ‘Hex’ as there was nothing on the internet about him at that time. It literally took over my life until I reluctantly closed it down & joined Michael Fassbender Online as a moderator instead.

Favourite Role / Film / TV Series of Michael’s:  Azazeal in ‘Hex’

Which character of Michael’s would you liken yourself the most to: None really, except maybe Harry Colebourn in ‘A Bear named Winnie’ as I adore animals too!

Thank you for visiting Michael Fassbender Online!

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