MFO Role: Moderator

Location: California
Occupation: Human Resources

About: Music and art lover, traveler, writer, singer, dancer/choreographer, adventurer, historian, science and math fan, kid at heart, wannabe filmmaker or screenwriter or tech geek, and more. I just have to remember all of them.

When did you become a fan of Michael: After watching “300” for the third time.

I kept asking, who was that long-haired, blonde guy all over the film? He’s crazy! I had to find out more about him and what else he had done.

Favourite Role / Film / TV Series of Michael’s: I have a fondness for “300”, “Hex”, and “Angel”, but my favorite film is “Hunger”. It is a photogenic masterpiece. I met Michael both times I saw Hunger at special screenings, with close friends and fans. We told Michael he had the best lines in “300” and he laughed.

Which character of Michael’s would you liken yourself the most to: He’s too talented for me to place one character most similar to me. If I have to choose one, his role in “A Bear Named Winnie”. It is the least controversial character, in my opinion. I think Michael (and his characters) and I are complete opposites in personalities, likes, and dislikes. This is one of the things that make him so interesting.

Additional information/websites:  I enjoy working both sides of the brain: creative and analytical, and I try to balance both sides in my life. Currently, I am finishing my Masters’ degree in Organizational Leadership and will proceed with my Doctorate afterwards. I believe in being engaged in something important in one’s life. “Believe” is my mantra. Music provides joy and strength to me. The color pink makes me smile. I like mint-flavored chocolate. I like reading women’s magazines and science magazines. I enjoy attending film festivals and comic conventions. I like watching TV. I like trying new things just to say I’ve done it. I would love to either sing, dance, or both with Michael one day. I was an extra, like hundreds of people, in Michael’s film, “Steve Jobs”. Also a fan of Philip Winchester, Evan Peters, and Brendan Fraser.

Websites: Coming soon…

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