Michael Fassbender Talks To Brad Pitt In New ‘Counselor’ Trailer

Another clip from Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’ has been released today. It features Brad Pitt as Westray advising Michael Fassbender against what he’s about to do and sends chills down our spines. There is no doubt that this will be … Read More

One Month Until ‘The Counselor’

One Month Until 'The Counselor'

Are you, your friends and family going to see The @CounselorMovie during opening weekend, in your area?

#TheCounselor #HaveYouBeenBad… Read More

IonCinema | 12 Years a Slave | 2013 TIFF Review

Posted September 23, 2013 | By Jordan M Smith

Reliving Dehumanization: McQueen Lenses Masterpiece of Repressed American History

For Steve McQueen, filmmaking has been a hard edged exercise in emotional archeology, burrowing into the depths of the human psyche with … Read More

WhatCulture! Toronto 2013: 12 Years A Slave Review

Posted September 22, 2013 | By Christopher Lominac

If you are an Oscar hound and festival fiend such as myself, you have likely heard of the ecstatic response Steve McQueen’s newest film, 12 Years a Slave, has received on the … Read More

Michael Fassbender Gets Ready To Shoot For ‘Slow West’

Michael Fassbender Gets Ready To Shoot For 'Slow West'

Michael Fassbender is soon to team up with John Maclean once more, following collaborations ‘Man on a Motorcycle’ and ‘Pitch Black Heist’. The two previous works were shorts and we are delighted to find that ‘Slow West’ will be the … Read More

Fassbender Friday #62

Fassbender Friday #62

Image by : Black Book Magazine

Fassbender Friday – in appreciation of Michael’s extraordinary acting and his amazing fans !… Read More

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