Fassbender Friday #72

Fassbender Friday

Photo by : Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Are you grabbing yourself any Fassy deals this Black Friday? Let us know!

Don’t forget our ELLE competition.

Fassbender Friday – In appreciation of Michael’s extraordinary acting and his amazing fans.… Read More

Did Michael Fassbender’s Magneto Assassinate JFK?

Nothing x-cites us more than a viral campaign. Today we have been graced by the next part of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past viral.

As Michael Fassbender resumes his role as Magneto in the franchise, his character has … Read More

Fassbender Friday #71

Michael Fassbender John Russo

Photograph by : John Russo

Happy Fassbender Friday – In appreciation of Michael’s extraordinary acting and his amazing fans!

Have you been to see ‘The Counsellor’ yet?

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James McAvoy on Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps in “12 Years a Slave”

James McAvoy Michael Fassbender

I’m trying to get to the bottom of why my friend, someone I know and love, put terror in me. Perhaps the answer is obvious: He plays a bad man during a time in history where a person was deemed … Read More

The Irish Independent’s ‘Day & Night ‘ Magazine – Genre ‘Bender

Michael Fassbender Day & Night

Oscar-tipped Irishman Michael Fassbender talks downtime, drama and a potential foray into comedy

I’ve been working with some writers and trying to develop some stuff. It’s exciting and rewarding and frustrating

Michael Fassbender is famous for his, er, appendages, but … Read More

Fassbender Friday #70

Portrait by : Stan Godlewski

Portrait by : Stan Godlewski

What a fantastic Fassbender Friday to be had!

The Counsellor is out in cinemas TODAY in the UK! You do not want to miss this on the big screen!

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