Frightfest ‘Eden Lake’ Q&A Video

With extra special thanks to our lovely (and very lucky!) Greenfairy, I’ve added an exclusive video from Frightfest’s Question & Answer session with Michael, James Watkins and other stars from Eden Lake. The video was originally from a much … Read More

Empire Eden Lake Review – 4 out of 5 stars!

You can read the full review here.

This is one of the best horror movies of the last few years.

Now that’s a great review!… Read More

Another Day, Another Article

More Inglorious Bastards news has popped up! This time with a little bit more on Michael’s character and screentime:

The other two actors to sign on are Diane Kruger, who will be taking on the role that we thought Nastassja

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Total Film Magazine Scans

With special thanks to Astrid and Tina, I’ve added 2 new scans from Total Film magazine featuring our very own Michael to the Gallery.

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New Irish Times Article

I’ve just added a new Irish Times article to the Press Archive (with special thanks to L for providing it!). Check it out:

Busy Irish actor Michael Fassbender looks set to join the cast of Inglorious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino’s war

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The Times Scan

With many thanks to L, I’ve added a scan from The Times’ Knowledge Supplement which appeared on 30 August to the Articles Gallery.

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