300 to Return?

Zack Snyder has confirmed there will be a ‘300? sequel.

The ‘Watchmen’ director – who helmed the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel in 2006 – has confirmed the author is penning and drawing a new story on which

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More Festivals for Hunger

There’s just so many festivals where Hunger will be playing that I can’t keep up with the news! The film’s promotion and success is simply fantastic! So you should all check out this thread which is being updated by our … Read More

Inglorious Bastards Set Pictures Emerge

The Tarantino Archives have posted the very first images from the set of Inglorious Bastards. You can view the images here.… Read More

More Hunger Posters

With special thanks to Alice, I’ve added 2 more Hunger posters to the Gallery.

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NEW Hunger Poster

I’ve just added the brand new Australian Hunger poster to the Gallery.

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Hunger in Australia

Hunger will be generally released around Australia on November 6. You can read more about it here on the official Australian website.

Design Federation are also giving away tickets for Australians – click here for details and good luck if … Read More

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