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EXCLUSIVE: Just for YOU! Michael Fassbender Online in partnership with ELLE UK has a limited edition cover photographed by David Bailey and signed by the award winning actor Michael Fassbender! We have one (1), of these amazing prizes to bestow upon the lucky winner. Now wouldn’t that make your holiday’s extra special!

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This is a global contest so it is open to everyone, but you must be 17 years and older. ONE entry per person and email address allowed.  In order to be considered you must answer the following three questions completely and correctly. If more than one person answers correctly then we will hold a random drawing to determine the winner. The competition runs from November 6 through December 3, 2013. The winner will be announced on December 4, 2013. Your answers need to be submitted to In your email Subject Line Please Type: ‘ELLE UK and Fassbender’

We require your first and last name, your email address and a “Yes, I am 17 years or older” within the body of your email.
We are not going to make this easy for you… we’re looking for dedicated ELLE UK readers and Michael Fassbender fans, which we know you are! Good luck!


In 2010, Michael starred in “Centurion.” Set in the Scottish Highlands 117 A.D., where the Picts are raiding the Roman frontier. Quintus Dias is the only centurion left standing after a raid and is taken prisoner together with his general. After he escapes, Dias marches north with the Ninth Legion to wipe out these hellish adversaries and to try and save the general.

Who was their FEMALE nemesis, character name only? __________


Complete this Michael Fassbender quote and also tell us where it is from. “Sweating like ___________________”


Who is this character and what film or television series is it from?


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